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The Epic Flavours of Tooksie Kay Catering

The Epic Flavours of Tooksie Kay Catering

Featured in The Jamaica Gleaner:

It’s always a joy to look forward to an epic experience in the kitchen; and Tooksie Kay Catering has mastered just that, bringing local and exotic flavours to your plate.

The establishment is owned by Alexa ‘Tooksie’ Strolley, a self-taught private chef in Kingston. Strolley, who unexpectedly veered into the culinary industry after finding it difficult to secure employment six years ago, has become an extra member of many households and a confidant to foodies who want to explore the unusual.

Normally, she’d be delighted to stop by your house or office, so you can have your personal experience with Tooksie Kay Catering, or you could pick up your lunch or have it delivered on Wednesdays through to Fridays. But where this is not possible, you can still have the Chef Strolley’s flavours at home, with her bottled sauces and marinades.


Her crispy pork belly, butternut squash lasagna, oxtail pasta, poke bowls and bao buns with various fillings are probably what have impressed her clients the most. She continues to win over many palates with delicious results from constantly researching authentic recipes and going on culinary excursions.

“I don’t like to say I have a speciality. I started out by testing out food fads, breads, pastas and other cuisines like Chinese, Japanese, Italian and French,” the chef told Food. “I have a lot of curiosity when it comes to food and I feel like whoever decides to follow along with me shares that curiosity. I like to try new things, make a lot of things from scratch and step out of my comfort zone, like making head cheese with a pig head, for instance,” she continued.


Her ultimate comfort food and one of her favourite to prepare is spam and white rice. She’s always in the kitchen trying to uncover more recipes and marrying flavours.

Tooksie shares that her method of coming up with dishes is a process of trial and error, which usually starts with a grand idea or virtual visits to other kitchens, physically going to restaurants, and sampling food from others.

A glass of wine and music keep her in the kitche,n and this makes cooking more fun. In addition to that, her amazing team makes the experience better.

The greatest reward for Chef Strolley is the happiness and excitement that people usually respond with after trying her meals.

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