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Meet these Madonna-approved Jamaican brands from the south

Meet these Madonna-approved Jamaican brands from the south


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Jamaican caterer Alexa von Strolley, principal of Tooksie Kay Catering has some fab news to share!

Her and her Tooksie Kay Catering staff catered to the queen, the queen of Pop Madonna, that is, while the latter enjoyed a bit of R&R recently on The Rock.

Strolley is not shy about sharing her work but, is reportedly bound to a non-disclosure agreement, and therefore unable to speak much about the undertaking.

NDA aside, and without disclosing any information about the do, Strolley gave her followers on Instagram a taste of the meals herself and staff prepared for Madonna and guests.

However, additionally, there were a number of other local hospitality crew and several Jamaican brands that got a big-up when Madonna and her crew took over Hanover this week.

Thankfully, the Loop Lifestyle eye seldom miss a beat and got in touch with a crew member/coordinator who, fortunately, did not sign any NDAs.

‘It was a last-minute production, we only got the call two days before. Lauren [Dear] from L House knew two days before and everyone kinda pulled together to make it happen,’ the source told Loop Lifestyle.

From the herb house to the beach bar, we tracked down a few of the local providers that ensured ‘Madge’ and Co had the time of their lives.

Ruby Goat Dairy (@rubygoatdairy)

Producers of small batch cheese, milk, yogurt and desserts, Ruby Goat Dairy was the source of Tooksie Kay Catering’s dairy products.

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