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Pre-made Pizzas by Tooksie Kay Catering


Featured in The Jamaica Observer:

Her response to the latter was an immediate pivot with easy freezer meals becoming her focus. “Our pre-made pizzas came to life after Gregory Burrowes from Butcher Block gave us the task,” she tells Thursday Food .

“But we had to make it easier and more enticing than picking up the phone to order delivery pizza,” she continued. To say that her offerings are more enticing is an understatement. Think: Pizzas topped with pork belly alla vodka, s'mores pizza with Nutella, oxtail pizza, buffalo chicken pizza, quattro formaggi, Cacio e Pepe, and vegan butternut squash pizza, to name a few.

“I mean, who doesn't love home-made pizza? Our pizzas are forgiving in the sense that we can make it ahead [of time], then when you purchase it and put it in the oven it will taste just as fresh.”

Indeed! The pizzas were rolled out in January and the response has been very good. “People haven't stopped messaging asking, 'When will Butcher Block be restocked!?' Mind you, we restock weekly. They're excited for the flavours we come up with and the ease.”

Add tasty, too, might we hasten to add! There's a drop today so sprint to:

Butcher Block Gourmet Store

Address: Upper Manor Park Plaza, Shop #7

Tel: 876-668-4481

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